This page contains resources that can assist you with the use of Ekidna Tree Guards and Silvopasture (paddock trees) in general.


Sheep thrive on Silvopasture! Greg Judy.

The potential of Silvopasture: Part 1. Steve Gabriel.

The potential of Silvopasture: Part 2. Steve Gabriel.

Silvopasture: Intro to tree fodder. Steve Gabriel.


Restoration Agriculture. Mark Shephard.

Silvopasture, A guide to managing pasture animals, forage crops and tree in a temperate farm ecosystem. Steve Gabriel.

Peer reviewed scientific papers

The impact of heat load on cattle (2019).

Silvopasture in the USA: A systematic review of natural resource professional and producer-reported benefits, challenges, and management activities (2022).

Ecological considerations in sustainable silvopasture design and management. (2019)

Case Studies of the Financial Performance of Silvopastoral Systems in Southern Queensland, Australia (2022)

Silvopasture: a sustainable livestock production system (2019)


USDA Silvopasture resources –

Project Drawdown – Silvopasture page –

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