Tree Guard Protection Products - Ekidna Tree Guard

Our heavy-duty tree guards are made of welded wire mesh. We then cut and push out the spikes on the mesh sheet and ship them to you as a flat panel. When rolled, the cylinder guard is 114.5cm high and a circumference of 105cm, which results in a 33cm diameter. 

Each guard uses three posts that are 1.5m in length, allowing 50cm in the ground. Made of readily available 12mm rebar, you have the option of arranging your own posts from a local metal supplier, or if preferred we can supply them. Supplying your own will save you plenty in shipping costs and cutting your own from standard 6m lengths of rebar will save you even more.

Tree Guard Protection Products - Ekidna Tree Guard
Tree Guard Protection - Ekidna Tree Guard

Our post driver is specifically designed to drive rebar posts. Much lighter than a star post driver, our driver reduces fatigue, allowing you to put guards in all day if you want to. It also has a spot on the driver to hammer on the driver for very hard ground but most of the time the handle will suffice. Consider a few of these if you are installing guards in a team.

Our custom-made guard roller is designed to be used in the field where you can clamp it to a tailgate or saw horses, but you could just as easily clamp it to your bench and roll guards before taking them into the field. Made of galvanised steel, this tool will last forever and because it is made of tube it is easy to handle. This roller is not essential for smaller numbers of guards but allows contractors to stand up straight while rolling large numbers.

Tree Guard Protection Products - Ekidna Tree Guard

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