If the animals you are protecting the tree from can reach over a standard guard you have two options. One is to add a half sheet extension on top. The other option that has worked for people is to loosen the guard from the posts and drag it up higher. They will stay in place without higher posts long enough to get the growth out of range of livestock.

The need for a higher guard depends on a lot of factors including the pasture available to your animals and how long you leave them in the one paddock. It is always an option to see how a standard guard size goes and heighten it if needed later on.

We do not sell posts (due to the cost of freighting them) however we recommend using standard 12mm rebar cut into 1500mm lengths as posts. Rebar comes in 6m lengths so you can get 4 posts from a single length. You can cut this yourself or ask your metal supplier to do that for you.

An alternative to rebar is to use either new or second hand star pickets.

What ever posts you use we recommend use of three posts per guard although some customers have successfully only used two star pickets. It really depends on the type, size and behavior of animals you are protecting your trees from.

We currently offer two sizes of guard. A full sheet and a half sheet that is designed to work as an extension.

The longevity of the welded mesh will differ based on local climatic conditions. While our Australian wiresupplier will not give us a specific year guarantee on the mesh, we see no reason why it would not last a minimum of 10 years and in many places a lot longer.

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