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Ekidna Tree Guard, is a special type of tree guard that protects young trees from larger animals such as cattle and kangaroos.

We own a small farm in the Hunter Valley NSW running Lowline  Angus and growing some veg. We wanted to establish some paddock trees because the Eucalypts we have are nearing the end of their life.
We were interested in scattered trees to provide shade for stock and pasture in summer (silvopasture model) so looked for seedling protection options. 

When we trialled some of the welded wire mesh guards with spikes they worked so well that we wanted to make them available to others.

Ekidna Tree Guard have used the guards not only in livestock paddocks but also to start rehabilitating our riverbank on the Allyn River. Mat has a background in natural resource management and knows how difficult it can be to rehabilitate riparian zones prone to weed infestation when cattle are excluded prior to canopy closure.

About Ekidna Tree Guard - Tree Guard Protection

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