Tall Ekidna Guard (1700mm high)


$31.50 ex GST



Our Australian-made, heavy-duty large tree guard is the perfect solution for protecting individual tree and shrub plantings from animals including cattle, deer, sheep, kangaroos, pigs and rabbits.

Made of welded wire mesh, tree guards are shipped as a flat panel. When rolled, the cylinder guard is 170cm high. These guards can also be wrapped the other way to provide a 114.5cm high guard with a larger 54cm diameter.

  • Long-lasting & reusable
  • Rapid installation
  • Cost Effective


Tree Guards can be purchased in parcel packs of eight, or freight efficient
pallets can be provided for orders over 30.
Up to 200 guards can fit on a single pallet.

8 guard parcel packs are $292 ex GST ($36.50 ex GST per guard)
Pallets of 30-50 are $34 ex GST per guard
Pallets of 50+ are $31.50 ex GST per guard
Please note posts are not included.

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